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Stephen Komie - Candidate for ISBA 3rd Vice President

Presidential Commendation Presentation

President Orsey: One of the privileges of the President is the ability to recognize noteworthy service and contributions to the Association through presentation of an ISBA Presidential Commendation.

I cannot fail to acknowledge the very unique and special service of one of our own. This member joined the ISBA in 1976. This member chose to afford the Association the benefit of his commitment to the profession by aspiring to serve on the Board of Governors. He was successful in that aspiration. Indeed, some would say he was an over achiever. He has been elected to seven terms on the Board of Governors for a total of 19 years of service {so far ... as he is completing that seventh term}. During his service on the Board, he has been a tireless advocate for solo and small firm lawyers. He championed before the Assembly the adoption of the Attorney's Bill of Rights with respect to the ARDC. He lead the Association's celebration of the Rule of Law and the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. There are numerous other examples of his dedication to the practicing bar. He holds the record for the longest serving Board member in the history of the Association. I respectfully refer to him as the dean of ISBA Board members. And, he has served 34 years on the Assembly.

Chicago Attorney Stephen Komie Announces Campaign for Third Vice President of the ISBA

ISBA 3rd VP Candidate Stephen Komie

Stephen M. Komie, who has led a storied legal career for the past 40 years, has announced his candidacy to run for the Illinois State Bar Association's Third Vice President. Attorney Komie's distinguished legal background as a premiere Illinois trial lawyer and his decades of leadership experience in the ISBA make him an exceptionally qualified candidate for ISBA's Third Vice President. Mr. Komie is humbled by the opportunity to continue to serve the ISBA in a new and exciting capacity as Third Vice President.

Attorney Komie is the founder and Principal Attorney at Komie & Associates, a highly successful Chicago-based law firm assisting clients in cases involving criminal law, family law, civil litigation, and appeals. He is perhaps best known for representing clients in many celebrated cases, including federal trials involving Chinese importation and dumping of honey in the United States. One such case involved gun running to Yugoslavia during the civil war in Bosnia in violation of the Neutrality Acts. He has appeared repeatedly on national and local TV in his role as a trial lawyer. His involvement in the Tracy Richter murder case has made him well-known throughout the United States.

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