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Stephen Komie - Candidate for ISBA 3rd Vice President

Stephen Komie's Focus for the ISBA

Working Together to Build a Positive Future for Illinois Lawyers

As ISBA 3rd Vice President, I will be dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of the legal profession in Illinois and providing members throughout the state with the benefits, services, and opportunities they need throughout their careers. If elected, I pledge to:

  • Address issues related to AI - Artificial intelligence will dramatically affect the legal profession, and attorneys need to understand how it may be used to make their work more successful and more profitable. I will make sure the ISBA's AI committee continues to address these concerns by investigating how AI may be used to assist in writing legal documents or completing other tasks, while also providing guidance on how to maintain proper security, prevent errors, and avoid plagiarism. This can help ensure that both the legal profession and the public will be protected from scams or other potential problems related to AI.
  • Improve the perception of the legal profession - Even though attorneys work to provide quality service to clients, offer pro bono representation, participate in charitable work, and make many other contributions to society, the legal profession as a whole continues to struggle with a negative public perception. I will work with the ISBA to help demonstrate the value that attorneys can provide to the public.
  • Promote and defend the rule of law - Attorneys are focused on making sure the laws of the United States are followed correctly by everyone. The ISBA can be a positive force in American society, working to ensure that everyone from the man on the street to the most powerful government officials and corporations will be bound by our nations laws and regulations.
  • Protect against the unauthorized practice of law - One of the primary threats to Illinois attorneys today comes from people and commercial companies who are not licensed to practice law in Illinois. I will work to prohibit out of state lawyers and organizations from advertising in Illinois and providing unlicensed legal services to Illinois residents.
  • Provide technical education for attorneys - The Supreme Court mandate for electronic filing of court documents in Illinois has left many attorneys struggling to understand and properly use the new e-filing system. They have also encountered problems with the system, which does not function as well as the e-filing systems used in federal courts. I will work to provide education to ISBA members, ensuring that they are able to effectively use technology and meet e-filing requirements. I will also make sure the ISBA partners with the courts to address problems with the e-filing system and ensure that documents can be filed correctly.
  • Recruit young lawyers and help them prepare for success - Providing membership benefits that encourage lawyers in the earlier phases of their careers to join the ISBA will help us grow our ranks and remain the preeminent bar association of Illinois. I will work to ensure that the ISBA provides these young attorneys with opportunities for mentorship that will help them thrive in their careers. It is especially important for attorneys who have not been able to have trial experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic to become practice ready and gain experience in the courtroom, and I will work to ensure that they will be prepared for successful practice. I will also encourage young lawyers to run for public office and within the ISBA.
  • Address the needs of women attorneys - As a member of the Women's Bar Association of Illinois, I have been dedicated to advancing the interests of women lawyers throughout my career. I will work to ensure that the ISBA focuses on the needs and interests of women in the legal profession, including by advocating for paid maternity or family leave, providing opportunities for networking and membership, and striving for equality in salary and employment opportunities.
  • Lobby the Illinois General Assembly - Promoting the interests of the legal profession and protecting the public in the Illinois General Assembly is one of the essential functions of the ISBA. I will work to remain active and vigilant in the Illinois state legislature, protecting the legal community and the people of Illinois against the passage of laws which are against our interests. I have already worked on behalf of Illinois attorneys in successfully advocating for no taxes on legal services.
  • Provide high quality CLE for both upstate and downstate lawyers - ISBA members throughout Illinois should have access to quality continuing legal education. I will ensure that the ISBA provides for the CLE needs of all Illinois attorneys by making sure programs can be attended both in-person and via Zoom.
  • Protect the rights of Illinois lawyers in disciplinary proceedings - I will make sure the ISBA offers members the assistance they need when fighting ethical complaints. My track record on this subject was proven through my advocacy of the Attorney Bill of Rights for expungement of ARDC complaints, which was adopted by the Illinois Supreme Court.

As ISBA 3rd Vice President, I will work tirelessly to advance the interests of Illinois attorneys. Thank you for your consideration and your vote.

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